PA Corporation Bureau


We process Corporate, LLC, LP and all similar types of filings made at the PA Corporation Bureau. We do not guarantee that all filings are acceptable, but we do endeavor to find common problems, mistakes or errors. Hopefully, you won’t get tired of us calling you with suggestions to avoid rejected filings.

If a filing should be rejected we can help you fix the problem and resubmit the filing at no additional charge.


We also handle all publications and obtain any organizational kit if requested. We obtain our kits from M Burr Keim Company in Philadelphia who provide a range of kits complete with printed certificates if needed.

Incorporator/Organizer Services – For Attorneys Only

We can even prepare common documents and act as incorporator / organizer for new corporations or LLC’s. We will return a proxy of the Incorporator/Organizer to transfer our interest to your client.

Commonwealth, Superior & Supreme Courts

Filings made and copies of filings obtained from Commonwealth, Superior and Supreme Courts in Harrisburg. Archived copies of court filings obtained from the State Law Library.

49 State Coverage

We can arrange to file your out of state documents through a series of service companies that we use in all states other than PA. Why do we use service companies? Because they, like us, have experience in their states with the goal of avoiding time expensive rejections. We have built up these relationships over years and we only deal with companies like us to avoid the high rates of the big national companies.

UCC Filings – PA / 49 States / Canada

We can file your UCC forms to help take the pressure off you. These forms do NOT require a signature but must be filled out in accordance with certain requirements set forth in the code. If filings are rejected, we will help you fix and resubmit them for no additional charge.

Bureau of Elections, Commissions and Legislation

These filings include certain Political Action Committee and Lobbyist filings.