Lien Certificates and Clearance Certificates

We obtain lien certificates from the PA Dept. of Revenue for your PA closings. We also file clearance applications with the Dept. of Revenue and the Dept. of Labor and Industry.

What is the difference between a Lien Certificate and Clearance Certificates? See our FAQ’s on each subject:

Lien Payoffs

Our office provides payoffs for Dept. of Revenue tax liens and payoffs for Dept. of Labor and Industry Unemployment Compensation Fund Tax Liens. When requesting a lien payoff please provide a copy of the lien filed with the Prothonotary’s Office (Court of Common Pleas) and the date you would like the penalty and interest calculated. Our fee is $50.00.

Apostilles / Legalizations

We can have apostilles affixed to your documents to be used in a Hague Conventions usually on a same day basis. Where documents require further action by action, we have contacts in Washington D.C. who can take them to the appropriate consulate.

Acts-Certified Copies of

These are obtained from the Bureau of Elections, Commissions and Legislation. Please allow over a week for receipt of these Certified Acts

Good Standings, Certified Copies and other SOS Docs

We obtain good standing certificates, certified copies, great seal certificates, and other documents from the Secretary of State (SOS) in PA and across the country. Order on-line under our “Request Services” tab or download our Document Order form below if you are only ordering documents.