UCC & Corporate Searches - State Level

We conduct PA UCC and Corporate searches at the Corporation Bureau and obtain copies of any and all requested filing(s). Many of these searches can be done on a same day basis.

We also obtain similar searches in the other 49 states and judgement/lien searches in the 67 PA counties (see our PA map page). Our usual turn around time for county searches is 1-3 days.

Submit search orders using our REQUEST SERVICES tab.

PennDOT (Pennsylvania Department of Transportation - Bureau of Motor Vehicles)

We do obtain some records from PennDOT but those records have become protected and very restricted. To obtain them an original notarized request form is needed. Please contact us for more information. For the PennDOT form for Vehicle Information click the following download hotkey.

Download pdf

Historical Research at the State Archives

This service includes researching deeds back to the original land grants and also research of all records that are kept on file by the various Departments of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches.

County Searches-Judgment-Liens-UCC-Litigation etc.

Judgment/Lien/UCC/Pending Litigation Searches are obtained from all of PA's 67 counties and from almost any county/parish in the US through a network of correspondent service companies. Searches can be ordered on our site under the Request Service tab.


We obtain copies of case related filings from each of the three State level courts named above. Our turn around time is very fast especially for cases being administered in the Harrisburg districts of the Supreme and Superior Courts. Use our Request Services tab to order documents or just email us at [email protected].