The Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations has a new Director.  

More to follow when we have more information.


The Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations has a new Director.  

More to follow when we have more information.


News Updates

Bound Volume Title 15

Greetings all...

As you undoubtedly know Title 15 was revised last year and many of the significant new provisions will become effective July 1, 2015.

Neither the State Bookstore or the publishers of Purdon's can tell me, at this time, if they will reprint Title 15 into one volume or go with pocket parts/supplements.  Because of that,  I have asked Fortney Printing (here in the Harrisburg Area) to spiral bind the entire Title 15 as revised (and downloaded from the General Assembly's site) into one volume (over 300 double sided pages).  Title 54 - Names will be added to the back for convenience.  A clear plastic cover will be on top of a Cover Page.  Naturally, the book will lay flat when in use because of its spiral binding, something that the more expensive publications will not do.  Note: This will not be a professional publication as we will print the pages exactly as they downloaded from the General Assembly site in order to keep costs down.  Nevertheless, it should be a useful and easy to use volume.

If you would like a copy you can send me an email with your name and address and I will forward it to the printer who will ship it to you with an invoice.

The estimate cost of this volume $25 plus shipping and handling.  The order will be placed Thursday morning so we need to have all orders by the close of business Wednesday the 25th.

Thursday 3-5-15 / State Offices In Harrisburg Will Close At 2 PM

3-5-15  The State offices in Harrisburg will close at 2 PM due to the winter storm.  If you need any filings submitted today we will need them in our hands by no later than 12:45 PM.

Thank you....

Presidents' Day - Our Office Will Be Closed

Monday is Presidents' Day and the State offices will be closed.  Our office will be closed also.

Any orders received on the 16th will be processed on the 17th.

In an effort to be grammatically correct, we checked the web to see if the word President should have an 's, or an s' or just plain no '.   We found a preponderance of  's, and no ' and a few s'.    We believe that the correct designation is presidents' because it is plural possessive which requires the 's.   This issue only presents itself because the two holidays were combined. Personally, we feel that it was a conspiracy of the Federal Government elite to combine the holidays for Washington and Lincoln and that it was done for some devious, nefarious and just plain underhanded reason but we have been unable to uncover factual evidence to support such an allegation.  Yet! 

To find out what Snopes has to say about the entire matter click here.

Have a great weekend. 



State Offices in Harrisburg Closed Tuesday

Pennsylvania Alert: 1-19-2015

The State offices located in downtown Harrisburg will be closed on Tuesday the 20th of January due to the Inauguration of the governor elect Tom Wolf. 

If you absolutely must have tomorrow’s filing date on any filing please call us as we have a method of preserving the date even when the State offices are closed.

Our offices will be open tomorrow from 10 AM to 4:30 PM.

Today being Martin Luther King Day the state offices are closed across the state.  We will be in the office until 3 PM.


Thank you

Holiday Schedule 2014-5

Greetings All...

Several notes and reminders about year end filings here in PA...


Here is the official closing schedule from the Director’s Office for the forthcoming holidays.  

On Wednesday, December 24, the Bureau’s office will close at 2:00pm.  Same day expedites will be accepted until 10:00, as usual.  Three- hour and one-hour expedites will not be accepted Wednesday.

The Bureau’s office will be closed Friday, December 26.

 On Wednesday, December 31, the Bureau’s office will close at 2:00pm.  Same day expedites will be accepted until 10:00, as usual.  Three- hour and one-hour expedites will not be accepted unless prior arrangements have been made with the Bureau prior to Wednesday the 31st.   

The office will be open on January 2, 2015.

Note:  While it is not specifically stated naturally, their office is closed on the 25th and the 1st


Remember, that if you do not need a new entity such as a corporation or an LLC effective immediately, and if the company’s tax year will end on 12-31 then you may want to use the 1-1-2015 effective date option to avoid the necessity of having to file a Corporation Tax Report (RCT-101) for the extremely short period of 2014 in which the company would otherwise be active.


Because the Bureau’s rejection policies are, to say the least, often very confusing, we suggest that you complete each and every block that is on the form which pertains to the particular entity and transaction involved to which the form relates.  For instance, the Bureau rejected a filing recently because the Consent form did not have a date of organization typed into the appropriate question. 

Remember also, that the Bureau’s expedite policies are NOT like our neighboring state of Delaware.  If they reject the filing you lose the expedite fee and must pay yet another expedite fee upon re-submission.  Perhaps, one day, PA will adopt the kinder and gentler Delaware approach. But to quote the King of Gondor “it is not this day." 

Lastly, remember that the Bureau insists that the current address you put on any form must exactly match the address on their record so please check their database before you prepare the form.


We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Be safe.

Early Closing Just Announced for Wednesday 11/26/14

Greetings all...   Please see the following important announcements...

 1) The PA Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations just sent out the following early closing information:

We just received notification from the Governor’s office that we will close at 3:00 pm on Wednesday, November 26.  Same day expedited service requests are still due no later than 10:00.  We will accept three hour requests until noon and one hour requests until 2:00 pm.  Please plan accordingly.

2)  As some of you know, we file a lot of clearance applications for companies about to dissolve,  withdraw or about to engage in a “Bulk Sales Transfer”.  What many of you probably do not know is that Rick Railing, the former Chief of the Clearance Section at the PA Department of Revenue now works for us three days a week.  Rick retired a short time ago and has agreed to help us out here with our Clearance Application work.  In short, if you send your clearance applications here for processing with Revenue and Labor & Industry, Rick will be handling them to help get all problems resolved which will, hopefully, speed up the long clearance process.

Rick is also helping us with our Lien Certificate request and can help secure a “release of liens” in those instances where Corporation Tax reports have not been filed for a number of years.

Note:  To sign up for these urgent alerts go here.  Please pass this around to your co-works so that everyone is aware of the early closings.  The above announcement applies to offices under the control of the Governor's Office.

Update Notices / November 17th, 2014

Greetings to all Esquire Assist clients…

 Just a couple of quick updates:

1)       As many of you know, Corporation Tax Lien Certificates are being delayed because the Department of Revenue is going through yet another technology update to their computer system.  The system was supposed to be back online today but we were just informed that it is not.  At this point the Department was unable to provide us with an ETA on when the new system will be up and running.

2)      House Bill 2234 pn 3746 was signed into law recently.  This Act is far reaching in its changes to the 1988 General Association Act and will supposedly authorize many types of conversions as well as other changes.  Most of the provisions will not take effect until July 1, 2015.  We trust that will give the Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations sufficient time to work the new changes into their processes.  The new law can be found HERE.

3)      There are at least two new forms that will be available shortly and possibly a third coming in the near future.  The two that should be available shortly are 1) Articles of Incorporation – Nonprofit and 2) Certificate of Limited Partnership.   The third form which should be available at some future date (probably next year at this point) is the Registration Foreign – LLC/LP/LLP form.   Once these forms are available, the old forms, we are told, will no longer be accepted.  I do not have an official confirmation from the State as to the dates that the new forms will be mandatory or when the Registration Foreign form will be re-published in the PA Bulletin (a change was required to the form after the first publication).

4)      Remember, the State will be closed next Thursday and FRIDAY (27th and 28th of November) for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Our office will be closed on those days as well.

5)      Please feel free to pass this around your firm.  Your fellow workers and friends can sign up for future updates by going HERE.

6)      We offer Commercial Registered Office Provider services for a mere $75/year in Pennsylvania through our sister company AAAgent Services, LLC.

Thank you and have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Holiday.


Staff at Esquire Assist, Ltd.

Email Working Again

6-23-2014 Update:  Our Email is Working Again    

Our Email service is working again as usual.  We did lose emails for the past several weeks because of the perfect storm which hit our server but incoming and outgoing email services are fully functional as of Saturday night.  If you have any doubt about an order emailed to us between 12 Noon Friday and the COB Friday please call us (717-232-9398) or email us to confirm that we received the order.

Please DO NOT send orders from this website until further notice.  Just send your order as a regular email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Thank you.


Thank you for your patience during the unexpected E-Mail outage. 


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